April 11th: SATs, Gun Control, Putin, Secret Service

Caller Claire asks Lou his opinion about the new “Test-Optional” admissions policy for high school students, which means they allow all or some applicants to decide whether to submit SAT or ACT scores as part of their application. Lou answers Lloyd’s question whether the Sacramento shooting was a gun control issue which Biden alluded to or a cultural issue because it involved gang violence. Joe Biden has called for the prosecution of Putin for war crimes after the discovery of mass graves & bodies of bound civilians shot at close range in Bucha, Ukraine. Bill wants to know if Putin will ever stand trial or if this is posturing by Biden. 

The Secret Service is reportedly paying $30,000 a month to rent a Malibu mansion with ocean views to keep watch on Hunter Biden. Grace asks if this is the best way to spend our tax dollars? There has to be an alternative, right? Lou closes the show discussing how the Russian people are going to suffer for this unwanted war versus Ukraine.

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