August 16th: Conversation With Tom Basile

Lou’s guest is Tom Basile.  Basile is an American businessman, political commentator, and Republican politician in New York. He served in the George W. Bush administration, was the executive director of the New York Republican Party from 2009–2011. He is the author of the 2017 book Tough Sell: Fighting The Media War In Iraq, writes for and Newsmax and hosts the Newsmax TV program “America Right Now.” Basile is currently a councilman in Stony Point, New York, and runs the strategic communications firm Empire Solutions.

Lou and Tom discuss the impact of Governor Cuomo’s resignation and soon-to-be new governor Kathy Hochul’s tough task ahead in cleaning up New York. They search for solutions in response to the current high crime rate in our major cities, who is to blame, and whether they should deploy the National Guard to prevent violence in these cities. They give their opinions on the Texas border and immigration problem, who prevails between federal and state resolving this issue, and what’s the solution. They end the show by discussing if there is a better system that should be put in place regarding gun control.

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