September 26th: Strategy In 60 Minutes

With Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, Lou answers a question from Essex, England about a proclamation he made on the previous show. He claimed that if he were Princess Diana’s head of security that she would be alive today. Was his timing insensitive? How can he be so sure?  Next Lou welcomes special guestContinue reading “September 26th: Strategy In 60 Minutes”

September 19th: The Border Issues, Terrorism, Democracy

Michael, a New Yorker, calls Lou and asks him with the recent anniversary of 9/11 if America is any safer from terrorism now than it was then. Dean asks Lou about AOC’s recent comments saying that “so many people in this country hate women.” The comment was made during a conversation about whether she believedContinue reading “September 19th: The Border Issues, Terrorism, Democracy”

September 12th: Electric Cars, War Contracts, and Water Shortage

First caller Steve asks Lou his thoughts on California asking residents not to charge their electric cars because a grid couldn’t handle it due to the heat wave yet wants to ban gas vehicles by 2035. Is going full electric in the next 13 years even a possibility? Next caller Sara wants to know aboutContinue reading “September 12th: Electric Cars, War Contracts, and Water Shortage”

September 5th: Kids and Their Safety in School With Kyle Roedler

Lou welcomes special guest Kyle Roedler. Kyle launched a new organization called the Parents Safety Alliance. He believes it is unacceptable that children should be endangered when they go to school which is a haven of safety and learning. He has innovative ideas on how to keep schools, churches, and other public venues safe from would-be shooters,Continue reading “September 5th: Kids and Their Safety in School With Kyle Roedler”

August 29th: Why Independents Rarely Win Elections

Lou welcomes special guest Paul Rader. He wrote “Why Independents Rarely Win Elections: And How They Could Become More Competitive” which takes a comprehensive look at the roadblocks facing independent candidates for political office in the U.S. He has a Masters in Political Science and he’s worn out by the toxicity of the political climateContinue reading “August 29th: Why Independents Rarely Win Elections”

August 22nd: Special Guest Richard Herman

Lou welcomes special guest Richard Herman. He is a nationally recognized immigration lawyer and immigration activist. He has dedicated his life to advocating for immigrants and helping change the conversation on immigration. He believes immigrants can help grow the economy, create jobs and reverse progressive depopulation. He is also the co-author of the acclaimed book, Immigrant, Inc.Continue reading “August 22nd: Special Guest Richard Herman”

August 15th: Schnooks, Crooks, Liars, and Scoundrels?

Lou welcomes special guest Gene Berardelli! He is a street-smart New York trial attorney and a noted NY Election Law specialist. By night, he is a national award-winning podcaster, political columnist, and an all-around snarky content creator. Mostly recently, Gene has authored the book Schnooks, Crooks, Liars & Scoundrels: A Field Guide to Identifying Political Buffoons,Continue reading “August 15th: Schnooks, Crooks, Liars, and Scoundrels?”

August 9th: Immigration & The Borders

Lou welcomes special guest Careen Shannon to discuss immigration and the borders. She’s currently based in Central Mexico, where she’s on the Board of Directors of a nonprofit called the “Latin American Relief Fund.” She’s also the Executive Producer of an upcoming documentary, “Las Abogadas” (which means “the lawyers” in Spanish), that will tell theContinue reading “August 9th: Immigration & The Borders”

August 1st: Losing America?

Lou welcomes special guest Michael Jaye. He’s in his 24th year as a public school teacher where he teaches American history, world history, and US government. He has a book coming out titled “Losing America.” Are teachers becoming more like parents to the kids they teach and less like teachers? Does he feel safe asContinue reading “August 1st: Losing America?”

July 25th: Dr. Saul Cornell and the Second Amendment

Lou welcomes special guest Doctor Saul Cornell. He is currently the Paul and Diane Guenther Chair in American History at Fordham University. He was Professor of history at Ohio State University and the Director of the Second Amendment Research Center at the John Glenn Institute. He is one of the nation’s leading authorities on earlyContinue reading “July 25th: Dr. Saul Cornell and the Second Amendment”