January 24th: Pandemic, Small Business, Ukraine, and The Biden Presidency

Emily, a small business owner and single mother, calls Lou to ask for advice on how to deal with businesses struggling to stay afloat due to the latest surge in the Omicron virus. Dean wants to know if Biden’s “swift, severe, and united response” should Russia invade Ukraine means going to war with Russia. DanicaContinue reading “January 24th: Pandemic, Small Business, Ukraine, and The Biden Presidency”

January 17th: Ukraine Border Issue

Lou and Taras Kuzio discuss what’s transpiring between Russia and the Ukraine and why it involves the United States. Taras Kuzio is a Professor of Political Science, has written 17 books, and has a PhD in political science with a specialty in Ukrainian nation building and national identity. Why Russia might invade the Ukraine? WhyContinue reading “January 17th: Ukraine Border Issue”

January 10th: New Years, New York & The Capitol Riot Anniversary

Caller Randy kicks off the first show of 2022 by asking Lou if the United States had to have a New Years Resolution to better itself as a country, what would it be? Lou discusses whether NYC has hit rock bottom, the new leadership of Eric Adams, and how soon his actions will make aContinue reading “January 10th: New Years, New York & The Capitol Riot Anniversary”

December 20th: A New Form Of Evil: Forced Organ Harvesting

Lou speaks with Mitchell Nicholas Gerber, an investigative journalist, who has dedicated 22 years to exposing The Forced Organ Harvesting of The Falun Gong spiritual movement in China. With a resilient character and a determined mind, he has been working hard on the frontline of a significant cause; which has been coined a “New formContinue reading “December 20th: A New Form Of Evil: Forced Organ Harvesting”

December 13th: Federal Legalization of Marijuana & The Cuomo Brothers

First caller Eliot talks to Lou about the legalization of recreational marijuana and if the United States should legalize it on a Federal level to use the taxes toward improvements in this country. Next caller Andrew discusses whether the Covid vaccine was politicized, the current situation in the White House, and how to improve ourContinue reading “December 13th: Federal Legalization of Marijuana & The Cuomo Brothers”

December 6th: Sex Trafficking

Phantom Rescue is an elite group of former US special ops, law enforcement, and government officials who have united with one clear objective, to bring an end to child trafficking through outreach, education, and rescue operations. Lou talks with them about their history, mission, and background. Documentation Jason Auerbach , who is currently producing a documentaryContinue reading “December 6th: Sex Trafficking”

November 29th: Rittenhouse, Waukesha, Police, & Sesame Street?

Lou opens the show discussing his thoughts on the Rittenhouse verdict. Was it fair? Unjust? First caller Mike asks Lou about the Waukesha Christmas Parade tragedy. How can someone with an outstanding warrant and a history of running people over be out on such low-cost bail? Who’s to blame? The justice system? Mental health? TheContinue reading “November 29th: Rittenhouse, Waukesha, Police, & Sesame Street?”

November 22nd: Rittenhouse, NYC and Earthship!

Kat, born and raised in New York, talks to Lou about the current state of New York City, the mayoral race, the return of the arts, and her time living in Baltimore for two months. Next caller Gabe, who lives and works at Earthship in Taos New Mexico, explains to Lou all the benefits ofContinue reading “November 22nd: Rittenhouse, NYC and Earthship!”

November 15th: Houston Astroworld Concert Disaster

Mike from Arizona calls Lou concerned about the deaths at the Astroworld concert.  Because of Lou’s vast background in security, he wants to know what future measures need to be taken to prevent such a tragedy from happening again. Second caller Scott, an entrepreneur, and business owner have trouble finding employees even with raised wages.Continue reading “November 15th: Houston Astroworld Concert Disaster”

November 8th: Education Crisis and The Great Pandemic Divide

Long-time listener Claire calls Lou and defends U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg’s two-month maternity leave. Lou’s next caller is a teacher from Charlotte who asks Lou why our education system is so broken, how we can fix it, and why so many teachers are leaving and starting new careers elsewhere. Marcus wants to knowContinue reading “November 8th: Education Crisis and The Great Pandemic Divide”