Chinese Spy Balloons! Were the Chinese Spying on Us? Why Didn’t Biden Shoot it Down Earlier?

Caller Michael calls in asking about the Chinese Spy Balloons and why Biden didn’t react sooner? Why did Biden wait an entire week to shoot it down? 

Former Assistant Director of the FBI Tom Fuentes joins Lou to help give us background information about spy balloons. WWII used spy balloons. On May 5th, 1945 a balloon from Japan descended in Oregon and exploded killing a family of 6. It was later discovered that Japan released 900 exploding balloons post WWII.

Do the Chinese depend on wind to carry these balloons or are they controlled another way? Are we experiencing “selective reporting” about this? Is the media controlling the narrative? Did we not shoot it down sooner because it was carrying a toxic virus that they were planning on releasing across the United States? Why wasn’t the spy balloon addressed when it was coming over the Aleutian Islands? What were the FBI’s concerns as this was traversing across the United States? Did the Chinese know the exact course of the balloon? Were they testing Biden’s reaction and response time? Are a country’s airspace protected up to space or just up to 50,000 feet? What are the limitations?

What is a SCIF? How do you enter a SCIF (Secure Classified Information Facility)? How are they controlled? Are there top secret security levels? How are classified documents handled in and out of a SCIF? How hard is it to sneak out classified documents from a SCIF? Are you allowed to bring electronic devices into a SCIF? Could a US Senator sneak out a document? Can the President declassify anything? Are classified documents allowed to be brought to the oval office? Can the vice-president declassify information?

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