December 19th: Conversation With Joseph M. Lenard

Joseph M. Lenard, the best selling author of the book Terror Strikes, joins Lou again for Part II of their discussion. This time they tackle gun control, our exit from Afghanistan, and Brittany Griner’s release.

Is mental health combined with failed parenting this country’s problem with gun control? Or is it video games and violent movies? They discuss whether the culture changed or the gun changed? And why can’t we have the same vetting process for firearms that we have for law enforcement?

Lou and Joseph discuss the danger of America’s withdrawal in Afghanistan that he addressed in his book, Terror Strikes. Trump promised withdrawal but never did, why? Why did Biden leave no troops behind? What is the prediction for the future of Afghanistan and how do we protect the women and children?

Next they discuss how Brittany Griner was traded for the Merchant of Death. How did this happen? Why trade a weapons dealer for a nobody unpatriotic WNBA player who doesn’t believe we should play our national anthems before sporting events. Especially while Paul Whelan, a true patriot and marine, is still left there. She’s been playing basketball in Russia for years and knows the law. 

Lou closes the show by discussing JFK and if he was in the oval office right now, how could he fix the problems in our country. How could anyone for that matter?

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