Is the U.S. Getting Rid of Paper Money? Are We Transitioning to Digital Currency?

Christian Briggs is the Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of Cinsay, Inc. He speaks to Lou about the switch from paper money to digital currency and how it will affect the citizens of the United States. 

When is the United States making the switch from paper to digital currency? What’s the process of turning over your paper money to the U.S. Government? How long until this happens? Will everyone use an app to make purchases? What if you don’t have a cell phone and an app is required? Will the government be able to see all your purchases? How will this affect commodities such as gold and silver? Why did China purchase 103 tons of gold? Which 12 banks are currently in the testing phase of digital currency? Will this happen globally or just in the United States? What can we do to prepare for switching over our money to digital currency? Will cash really become worthless? What if you don’t want to make the switch to digital currency – do you even have a choice?

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