January 16th: Jeff Mueller and Steve Sullivan Pt. 2

Lou interviews Jeff Mueller and Steve Sullivan. Jeff graduated from the US Naval Academy where he spent 11 years as a Naval Officer. He then spent nearly 22 years in the FBI in Chicago working violent crimes as a SWAT team agent and sniper. Post 9/11 he worked counter terrorism. Ended up running the protection of critical infrastructure in the United States and internationally in France. Post retirement he started a global security company. Jeff and Steve formed a new company partnering new to market security technologies called Prevenitas. 

Steve’s background is in cyber. Started off in IBM and then started working with one of the big agencies in Washington. He put together a technology team to focus on unstructured data. The biggest asset that Jeff and Steve feel they have are their children and they’re trying to protect the children of the future and make the world a better place. 

They talk about the border in Mexico and how to neutralize the cartel who is gaining control of our border. What technologies are we using to combat the cartel and this border issue? They explain what a “gotaway” is to the viewers. There are an estimated million “gotaways” that have crossed the border into the United States. How do we fix the borders and navigate activities that are a threat to our national security? What policy should we implement? Facial recognition?

They end the show discussing the Ukraine and its growing demand for technology items and supply of weapon systems. How has this war changed in the past year? Armed drones over scout teams has changed the war. They talk about the different drones that have been used throughout the war for Ukraine.

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