January 2nd: Robert Boyce and Lou

Robert Boyce, a former Chief of Detectives for the New York City Police Department, is Lou’s guest. Bob updates us on his show “New York Homicide” which can be found on the Oxygen Network. It’s about real NY homicide cases and the twists and turns that the detectives face trying to solve them. Bob is also an ABC news contributor if there’s an active shooter situation or crime. 

Lou and Bob talk about bail reform in NY and how it has to be repealed. Homicides and shootings are down but are the numbers skewed? Is the New York District Attorney downgrading crimes in NY? Reclassifying crimes and skewing the number of crimes? Or is it because they’re being more proactive getting guns off the street? Bob explains how gang culture is driving the numbers and gang programs decrease gang shootings.

Next they discuss ghost guns in NY. Where are they coming from? Adding extended mags has made it very dangerous and there’s no action to stop it. Is there a gun task force that’s targeting this in other parts of the country? If they’re not illegal how are they violating any laws regarding ghost guns? What does Mayor Adams need to do to fix NY and regain the trust of the citizens who live there? Is it okay to take mentally ill people off the street against their own free will? There has been major pushback from the general public.

Bob ends the show by recounting how he became the Chief of Detectives of NY.

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