July 4th: The Borders, Church, State, and the Economy

Lou talks about the 50 immigrants that died in the 18 wheeler while trying to cross the border and the chaotic situation with no end in sight when it comes to our borders. Next Lou discusses The U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the Washington state public school district and the Christian high school football coach who was suspended for refusing to stop leading prayers with players on the field after games. The separation of church and state is in question again. And finally, Lou closes the show asking if we really feel safe and confident in the economy with these so-called G7 leaders heading our global financing?

Lou discusses Georgia and Maryland suspending the gas tax which has driven down prices in those states. Should we do this nationally? Lou moves on to discuss if the January 6th Capitol riots will have any effect on Donald Trump running in 2024? How will the New York State Rifle Association vs Bruen be ruled? It’s the biggest second amendment case in more than a decade? Is it overly restrictive to obtain a gun license in NY? What are your thoughts? Caller Dan discusses the fallout of the financial system with Lou and where the economy is headed. Should we be highly concerned? Is a big financial crash coming?

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