September 5th: Kids and Their Safety in School With Kyle Roedler

Lou welcomes special guest Kyle Roedler. Kyle launched a new organization called the Parents Safety Alliance. He believes it is unacceptable that children should be endangered when they go to school which is a haven of safety and learning. He has innovative ideas on how to keep schools, churches, and other public venues safe from would-be shooters, including the development of a new app that would help bring off-duty police officers to help with security.

Later in the show Jan asks Lou his thoughts about Biden leaning toward the cancellation of up to $10,000 dollars in student loan debt per borrower tied to an income threshold. The plan is designed to offer forgiveness to individuals who earn less than $125,000 per year. Is this fair to those who already graduated and are still paying back their student loans?

For the second time the Pentagon denied a request by Washington DC Mayor Bowser to activate the National Guard to assist with thousands of migrants who have been arriving in the nation’s capital in droves. About 7,000 migrants have been bused from Texas to Washington DC since April. Rich wants to know if we’re going to have a humanitarian crisis on our hands and how can we sustain this?

One thought on “September 5th: Kids and Their Safety in School With Kyle Roedler

  1. Thanks so much for having me on the show Lou!

    Please tell your production staff they did a great job & show is very professionally edited ….

    your delivery of the topics and your line of questioning is super interesting … I can’t wait to be on again? Let’s secure our future! the Kids & Teachers !!!

    the above link has a bunch of city council meeting clips if you would like to use any of them for the next upcoming interview we do together

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