Memphis Police…Who’s To Blame?

Tom and Lou are back for Part IV. They discuss the verdict with the Memphis Police, rapidly declining numbers in police departments around the world, the vetting process for candidates, and how to fix the image of police on a global scale.  

Candidate selection numbers for police officers are down not just in the United States but around the world. How do we fix the problem? Are major cities properly screening their candidates? What’s the screening process? Do they need to make changes to the testing and vetting process to become a police officer? How can they fix these declining numbers? 

What was the problem with the Memphis Police Department? How did this happen? How can something like this be prevented? Should the Memphis Police Chief be fired? How do we move forward and hire the right people? What does it cost per person to train for the police academy?

What percentage of the general population have sociopathic tendencies? What percentage of police officers have sociopathic tendencies? What testing identifies that personality disorder? How can they weed out the bad applicants vs the good applicants so something like Memphis doesn’t happen again?

If they bumped up the salaries would that attract more police candidates? How do they recover from such low declining numbers? Are there a bare minimum of characteristics to join the police today? How do we send a better message to the public regarding the police?

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