November 28th: Lou Palumbo: Soslan and Kat

Lou opens the show with his thoughts about the recent election and where the country goes from here. Are we still searching for voices of reason? First caller Soslan calls in to talk about the Wisconsin election committee and voter fraud. Do mail in ballots lead to corruption? What’s the solution? We need to re-embrace honor and integrity in government which seems to be lost today. Are we similar today to Facist Republics? Is the country being harder to manage due to the population overgrowth? They end their conversation speaking about our southern  borders and if they’re a danger to our security and rampant crime in our major cities. 

Next caller is Kat, who swore the last time she spoke to Lou that she would never move out of NY, explains to him why she finally made the move to NJ. Was it crime related? Cost related? Something else? And being a first generation American from Malta, what are her views on immigration? Do we need a vetting process at the borders? Does the media create an optic that this country is racist?

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