September 12th: Electric Cars, War Contracts, and Water Shortage

First caller Steve asks Lou his thoughts on California asking residents not to charge their electric cars because a grid couldn’t handle it due to the heat wave yet wants to ban gas vehicles by 2035. Is going full electric in the next 13 years even a possibility? Next caller Sara wants to know about the war contractors like Lockheed Martin that profit from the destruction and misery of other countries under the guise of “freedom.” She believes perpetuating any type of war is unnecessary, and that is the main reason if there is concern for the borders – America needs to stop pushing imperialism and taking our rights away under the guise of freedom. How does our military protect our freedoms in other countries? It seems like since 9/11 (The Patriot Act) is one of the worst threats to personal freedom, and nobody seems to notice or care. 
Anthony wants to know what happens when the West and Midwest run out of water. Not now but someday soon. Lou closes the show answering Joan, who thinks The Artemis Moon Launch that costs 93 billion dollars and is an unmanned rocket scheduled to go around the moon and back to earth is a waste of money. Does anyone even care about this rocket? Can’t we spend our resources elsewhere?

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