September 19th: The Border Issues, Terrorism, Democracy

Michael, a New Yorker, calls Lou and asks him with the recent anniversary of 9/11 if America is any safer from terrorism now than it was then. Dean asks Lou about AOC’s recent comments saying that “so many people in this country hate women.” The comment was made during a conversation about whether she believed she could become president. Does America hate women? Is she already giving excuses why she’ll never run or why if she did, she’d lose?

Next Rees wants to know about Lou’s thoughts on Eagle Pass, Texas requesting a bunch of refrigerators to store the bodies of drowned migrants which have overwhelmed the area’s morgues and funeral homes. They’re averaging 30 bodies a month out of the Rio Grande. How is this not national news? At what point is enough enough? Lastly, Soslan, who fled communism and joined the United States Air Force before suffering a heart attack, calls Lou and they talk about the importance of fighting for America, discuss the word ‘democracy,’ if the America public is paying attention to the current state of the nation which seems to be unraveling, the 25th Amendment. and the media becoming extensions of our political parties. 

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