December 12th: The Patriot Cause

Lou welcomes special guest Bud Cornwell, a former marine and the current host of the podcast “The Patriot Cause.” Bud and Lou discuss The Constitution and what’s the biggest problem today with the Constitution. Bud explains that we don’t have a Constitution if we don’t have accountability in our government. Bud points out that nowhere in the Constitution is it required for the federal government to balance the budget. Is the Second Amendment there to prevent our government from taking total control over us? They discuss immigration and if the Cartels have control of our borders. Is that why the U.S. can’t control them? How do we fix this problem? And in light of the mass shootings, the guns or the culture? They finish their conversation speaking about the United States withdrawal from Afghanistan.

 Lou responds to Arizona yet again having questionable voting results. How come there are always in the news when it comes to elections and possible voting fraud? What’s the solution? Lou closes the show with his thoughts about Finland, a NATO country sharing a border with Russia, has announced a proposal for building a barrier fence on its eastern border with Russia. Should the US still consider building a wall between us and Mexico? It doesn’t seem so crazy anymore as it did 6 years ago.

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