November 21st: The State of The Economy

Lou interviews special guest Nick Lewin about the current state of the economy. Nick is a Chief Investment Officer and Founding Partner of Crown Predator Holdings. He has over 15 years of experience as a private investor in both public and private markets. He has invested in special situations and in companies with innovative technologies and robust intellectual property across multiple industries and throughout the capital structure.

Lou and Nick talk about how we got to this current inflation rate and economic circumstance we’re in. They speak about the trillions of dollars printed during the pandemic, the rise in grocery costs, and how inflation disportionately affects the middle and lower class. Did Covid cause the unwinding of the global supply chain? Has foreign dependency caused our current economic problems? Does Putin have so much influence in our country that he can manipulate our oil prices and cost of living? 

Nick explains how we can get out of this economic quagmire. And once we implement that mechanism it’ll take 2 to 5 years to fix and get this country’s economy back on track. Next Nick talks about HALO – an infrastructure system that goes around a nuclear power plant, navy base, aircraft carrier, and energy assets. Lou discusses a new high tech security system that will change airport security forever but has yet to be approved by the government. Next, they speak about the recent crypto problem. How did this happen? What’s to prevent something like this from happening again? Is there any reason to use crypto except for breaking the law? What about Blockchain? Do we want a world where the government can see every transaction that you do?

From a Wall Street perspective is a divided government better? And why? When there is a stalemate in government what you get is predictability. Do we have the ability to supply the electric car demand? Are the batteries environmentally friendly? Do we have enough nickel to make these batteries? What about the rolling blackouts in California where the state asks people not to charge their cars? Should we be building more nuclear reactors? Nick ends the podcast with investment advice for the audience.

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