October 24th: The Ukraine, Migrants, & Tik Tok!

The White House is pleading with Democratic El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser not to declare migrant state of emergency in the face of mass illegal immigration. What’s the White House scared of? El Paso desperately needs help. They’re being overrun with illegal immigrants & have reached a breaking point. 

Russia has launched a series of “kamikaze” drone attacks across Ukraine in recent weeks. These are Iranian-made attack drones and according to reports they just ordered 2,400 more from Iran. Why would Iran want to be involved in this? What do they get out of this? Are they looking for an alliance? 

Lou gives his thoughts on the Governor’s race in New York. Representative Lee Zeldin has cut into Gov. Kathy Hochul’s lead? Could Zeldin win? Does NY need a change?

Former teacher Judy calls Lou and asks about the Tik Tok challenges with kids punching teachers and blowing up toilets amongst other juvenile challenges like the tide pod challenge and the cinnamon challenge. Who’s to blame – parents, social media, other outlets?

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